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Stacey King Rice is the Founder & Creative Director of The Diverse Decorations. 

My Passions

Family & friends

Cherishing meaningful relationships and sharing love.

Family Video Call

beautiful homes

Fascination with interior design and creating harmonious spaces.


Decorating for Holidays

Spreading joy with enchanting holiday decorations.



Admiring and creating stunning floral arrangements.


beautiful nails, shades and purses

Expressing creativity through stylish nail designs &

accessorizing with chic and fashionable shades and purses.



he thrives on creating breathtaking events, whether it’s a private & intimate setting or a grand celebration.

he’s very passionate about her craft, so she delivers as if it were her very own celebration, turning your imagination into reality.  

he loves for her clients to be surprised, so she always adds special elements to the design that creates that WOW factor.

he listens attentively during the consultations, combining your ideas with her expertise to create an exquisite look. 

tacey is a Certified Wedding & Event Designer with Accreditation from the Institute of Wedding and Event Design.





How It All Began

Stacey demonstrated a passion for décor & design from an early age, helping with various interior design projects. Noticing this knack & talent for décor, she went on to design & plan events for her family & friends initially, which then grew into a professional design business. After her daughter shared with her that she would be blessing her with her first grandchild, (a baby girl), she knew it was time to not only plan the baby shower but also turn her long-time hobby into a now thriving business. It was that year 2017, that TheDiverseDecorations was officially created. 



Our Goal 

We are very passionate about the quality of service, attention to detail & the overall experience we leave our clients with. Our goal is to make your special celebration a jaw dropping unforgettable experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. My amazing team & I strive to deliver exquisite, extravagant, elegant, unique, diverse & custom events that represent you. We truly cherish the reactions of our clients & their guests. 

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